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4.8 out of 5
Liked by more than 58k people
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Taimi has everything you’d want in a gay dating site

The world of non-traditional dating has never been more diverse and more welcoming, thanks to Taimi. And it doesn’t only offer a practical way to meet new people. Taimi also offers an openhearted gay community, quality features, such as a superior gay chat, and an unparalleled matching algorithm. Plus, it’s got a ton of fantastic users you can meet.

It’s the best place to go if you’re looking for gay singles to date, form friendships, or have serious relationships with. Like other gay hookup sites, you can also use Taimi to find casual hookups. These are the top reasons behind Taimi’s success as a dating and social media platform.

If you’re already having fun on our gay site, wait until you join Taimi

Taimi wouldn’t be the successful dating that it is today without the following key features.


Learn more about yourself, gender identity, and more as you find new people and topics. Taimi allows you to discover new things, from wholesome topics to profound discussions to sexual questions.

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Live Streams

Do you enjoy watching other people as they go through their day? Or are you the type of person who likes sharing in real-time? Whichever side of the screen you prefer, Taimi has you covered.

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As a social media site for gay folks, Taimi also has a feed feature. It is where you can share more things about yourself with other users. Or use it to remain in the loop.

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Video calls and private messages

What kind of dating site doesn’t have these specific features? It’s not Taimi, that’s certain. These fun features help you get in touch with old and new friends, hookups, dates, and partners.

Don’t go yet! There’s plenty fish in the sea! Download Taimi app to find your love!

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Vitor Rocha, 31


John Frew, 24


Anthony Tully, 27


An unparalleled finder to help you find gay friends and matches

An unforgettable online dating experience begins with the right match. Taimi is all about getting you to the best people who just get you. Our finder uses your data and behavior to find people whose company you’ll undoubtedly enjoy.

Here’s a pro tip for users who want to find the right gay men: use the app more. The more you use the mobile app, the more our finder will get to know you. The more it understands you, the more it can help you find people you want to meet and be with.

We understand that the LGBTQ community is as diverse and expansive as the ocean itself. It’s why we want people who are into gay men to find their match. Even if you have a specific type, the dating app will do its best to help you find him.

For example, your ideal guy is someone with a built body and a sweet disposition. Or, as an expressive gay man, you prefer gay people who are low-key. Whatever you want in a person, someone out there has those characteristics. Our dating service serves to help you meet them sooner.

Join Taimi’s dating world and meet the match of your dreams in three steps.


Install the Taimi

Before you try your favorite pickup lines on people you like, you need to have the app on your phone. Visit the App Store or the Google Play Store to download Taimi.


Create a Taimi Account

Pick a unique username, photo, and password. Next, enter the required details. Don’t forget to glamorize your profile with interesting facts about yourself.


Find Love and Acceptance

Now, you’re ready to dive into one of the world’s best dating sites for gay men. Be it casual dating or serious relationships, Taimi is ready for you.

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Its friendly and kind users are who make Taimi one of the best gay dating sites

Are you new to using gay dating sites and apps? Don’t worry about meeting insensitive or rude anonymous users. You can also forget about catfishers and scammers. Do you want to avoid hate speech and its speakers?

We remove and block such users from using our gay dating site or reaching you.

Instead, expect to find real people on Taimi. Like you, other Taimi users want a positive and enjoyable experience. On Taimi, everyone tries their best to be kind, sympathetic, and friendly with each other.

Unlike other gay dating apps, our user base shines with pride and humanity

Let’s say you’re looking for gay men with whom you can be friends before you enter a romantic relationship. Communicate it with your match. The same applies to finding casual dating or hookup partners.

If you’ve moved to a new city, Taimi is an excellent solution to finding new people who’ll embrace your sexual orientation. As we’ve said, Taimi isn’t only one of the best dating solutions, but it’s also a social network.

Are you a little more advanced in your years but still want to try dating? You don’t need to worry about not fitting in with the younger crowd. Gay senior dating is also a Taimi specialty. It’s also the place to go if you’re the type of person who prefers gay older men.

Are you of Asian lineage and want to find someone who shares your culture and sexual preferences? Or do you prefer dating gay Asians? If gay Asian dating is what you’re looking for, our platform also offers this specific niche. This is a place where everyone will accept you for who you are, no matter what person you prefer.

Wondering about what Taimi has in store for you?

Discover what people think about Taimi, and let their testimonials inspire you to begin your own adventure. Their success stories could be yours - the only thing between you and a bright future is an “Install” button.

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Gay dating designed and tailored to your needs

Connection and communication are essential to our survival. All people yearn to connect with someone who understands them and matches their vibes. Taimi provides you with one of the best dating experiences because it’s excellent at bringing people together.

Other gay dating websites only try to match you with another person who mirrors your profile. Taimi is all about connecting people who have a chance at building relationships online. Taimi is the top choice for dating because it can find you the perfect match.

Have you already tried using other solutions that promised to bring you happiness and love? If those gay dating sites brought disappointment, you’re in for a treat. Taimi is unique compared to the “best gay dating sites” out there.

The best gay dating site you’ve been waiting for

Although it already has excellent functions, Taimi’s best feature lies in its community. It is you, the user, who makes Taimi a successful platform. We bring people together, but our users are the ones who bring forth its warm and welcoming environment.

It’s why Taimi also wants to give back to you by being the best dating platform that it can be. Taimi features a diverse group of gay singles, couples, and more. Connecting with people has never been easier or more fun.

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Taimi is such a fun, easy app to use when I want to connect with people in my community. The new Taimi app offers a pleasing experience when it comes to meeting new friends. Sign up and enjoy.

Jerry Elliott
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Michael Albert

Taimi allows me to personalize my profile in a way that makes me feel well represented and confident when talking to new people. You can even add your zodiac sign! This Pisces is sold.

Taimi has been a great tool for me to connect with guys both locally and across the globe. The app's commitment to security, safety and authenticity in dating is unmatched and it certainly shows with the quality of guys I have been able to meet through using Taimi.

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Scott Frenzel

A dating app that’ll change your life.

There are many reasons why Taimi’s the best gay dating app globally. We discussed some earlier. Download Taimi now and find out for yourself why Taimi is number one.

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Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about Taimi? Keep reading to see if the solution to your query is in our FAQ segment below.

As we’ve said before, Taimi is more than the best dating site for gay users. It takes the best features of online dating sites and social networks and rolls them into one. You’ll never run out of people to meet or things to do. Unlike other gay dating apps, Taimi is also secure. You can rest assured that the app will protect you from cybercriminals.

Taimi is the cure to loneliness, depression, and rejection. Online gay dating sites like Taimi often attract good-hearted and kind people. Here, you’ll find friends, loved ones, and unforgettable memories.

It’s rich with functional and refined features. Plus, it’s a free dating for gay singles. There’s nothing more you could ask for from the very best of the gay dating apps.

Considering our worldwide reach, it’s not a surprise that Taimi is also available in other languages. Like other free gay dating sites, Taimi is available in Spanish and French. You can switch your language settings to Dutch, Finnish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian.

If your language isn’t there, we’re still incorporating it into the app. While we work on it, use another available language.

We understand that some gay apps today are suspicious and unsafe for LGBTQ users. It’s why we strive to make Taimi a haven for all LGBTQ members and their allies. We keep the site moderated to ensure it’s a comfortable space.

We also use the best security software to keep users protected from cybercriminals. You can rest assured that your data is safe on Taimi.

Do you want to know who to call or send a message to if you need help? If the FAQ part doesn’t cover your question, contact Taimi live help and support services.

Did you know that Taimi reached 10 million users in early 2021? That’s how large the Taimi gay and LGBTQ community is. Taimi’s massive user base is an excellent indication of its secure, open, and warm community. Compare the numbers with other gay dating sites and apps. Plus, with a user base this large, you’re sure to find a fellow Taimi user wherever you go.

Taimi is completely free and accessible to all gay and other LGBTQ community members. We want everyone to meet gay singles on Taimi, even with only a free membership.

If you want to upgrade your Taimi user experience, you can switch out of the free version. Today, you can change your membership on the free site into a Gold, Silver, or Bronze subscription.

Don’t waste time. Find the partner that you deserve and want

Even the best dating apps can give you a hard time picking someone to talk to from your matches. Taimi's gay dating app is here to help ease your search for the right partner with our swipe feature. If you mistakenly swiped a person right or left, you can also undo the swipe.

You don’t have to worry about experiencing discrimination from the people you meet here. Because it’s an LGBTQ-exclusive app, you’re safe from people who will treat you like a sex object, oddity, or otherwise

All you need on Taimi is your A-game and to put your best foot forward. Even if you’re not at your best, that’s okay. Nobody is perfect a hundred percent of the time.

Like our users, we understand that you’re human. Nobody on the Taimi dating site will judge you for being flawed or imperfect.

Taimi is the gay dating app all gay men need and want

With traditional dating being more of a challenge now than ever, you can find many dating sites to make dating easier. Taimi takes its role as one of the best gay dating sites one step further by connecting you to more people. Using its massive reach, Taimi can introduce you to another user halfway around the world.

Unlike other premium sites, you can use Taimi without spending a penny for its services. We know that the economy is already rough. If we pushed our users to spend money on our services, they’d only experience more stress.

One of our goals at Taimi is to provide our users the chance to experience the giddiness and excitement of meeting new people again without going broke.

Other than the generic friendship or relationship goals, we know our users look for certain people. For example, some gay guys only want to start conversations with other singles. Other men have high standards, while others are all right with talking to anybody who catches their interests.

Whatever your needs or “niche,” Taimi has exactly what you’re looking for. Our large community and user base must have the person you’re looking for at one point. You only need to put yourself out there so that they can find you, too.

Say goodbye to dubious and shady gay dating sites

Because you don’t meet your match the first time someone matches with you, it can be challenging to trust.

In the earlier days of the internet, joining dating sites was riskier. You had to be cautious with both the site and the person you’re dating. Thanks to modern online security and cautionary practices, it’s easier to trust the people you meet today.

At Taimi, we keep all our security protocols and software updated. We keep an ear out for the newest scams used in online dating. We share with our users the red flags that they need to watch out for, as well.

Don’t forget to keep your wits about you as you date online. Cybercriminals and scammers are more innovative now and have strategies to get around these new protections.

Celebrate your identity as a gay person freely and openly

We’re long past the time of lashing people or putting them behind bars for being gay. However, we understand that some areas, states, and countries are still quite conservative in their views.

If you live in one of these countries or areas, Taimi can provide a safe space for you to be more expressive. It is the place for you to bring forth your true self and open your heart if your home doesn’t allow it. On Taimi, you don’t need to wait to match with another user before you can send messages.

You may even meet others on Taimi who are in a similar situation to you. They can give you tips, share wisdom, and offer an open ear to your thoughts and worries. Breathe and live more freely as you connect with others on Taimi.

An online dating optimized with many features to give you more opportunities

Did we mention that the main features we mentioned earlier aren’t all that Taimi offers? Remember, those are only the key features of the app. If you join Taimi, you’ll learn that it offers you many other fun features and tools.

For example, many mobile apps and websites today often display countless ads. These can get annoying and disruptive to the experience, especially in dating. The good news is that Taimi has an ad-free app use option.

The Stealth Mode allows you to use the app without becoming invisible on Discovery. You only appear visible to the people you like. If you want to avoid getting messages from other users you don’t want to engage with, use Stealth Mode. The best part about it is that Stealth Mode is free for all users.

Keep your personal information a secret until you’re ready to share

Do you want to keep your age and location a secret but want to share your online status? You don’t need Stealth Mode to keep these pieces of information private. You only need to hide them as you wish.

The app allows you to talk to people without experiencing location bias or bringing up your location. The same applies to age.

All these unique Taimi features are yours to use however you like. However, some of them are accessible only to users with a premium subscription.