Single Guys Reveal Top 5 Reasons Why They Are Single

Last Updated 27.08.2018
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Whether you love or hate being single, you definitely give it a thought once in a while. And while we are not trying to find reasons behind someone being single, we wanted to show the perspective of many gay people when it comes to their interpretation of single life. Let’s see if you can relate to them as well!Not ready for commitmentRelationships are fun, but they are also very demanding, time- and energy-wise. Not being ready to commit a huge bulk of your time to someone doesn’t mean you are an emotionless human who lacks affection and unable to have feelings. It just means you are rational about your needs and priorities and perhaps not being able to commit at this very moment of your life and focusing on your personal development, will lead to more opportunities and better commitment environment in the future.2. Because you’re just not that into monogamyBeing single and ready to mingle is fantastic. Especially when you have the inner desire to experience affections and sexual feelings to many partners. But being free and experimenting comes at a cost of lacking long-term commitment, so if your priority is mingling, don’t complain about being single3. Because you just haven’t met HIM yetBelieve it or not, but finding a right guy sometimes takes forever, and sometimes you wait until you realize there is no perfect guy. So whether or not you are determined to wait for the right guy, just keep in mind that life is an unpredictable set of surprises. Sometimes your Mr. Perfect would wait for you at the next table of your favorite coffee shop and sometimes one might wait for him for longer than your4. Equal rights don’t automatically equal rush to relationship or marriageEven though gay relationships matter and deserve as much respect as the straight couple relationships, we cannot demand gay people to be willing to marry just because they got a chance to do so. Don’t let the social pressure hit you, and listen to your inner voice more carefully.5. Because sex is easyWe have to be clear about it — finding sex for a gay man is quite easy nowadays, especially with all the online dating services, which serve as a tool of liberating sexuality. But although, sex is great, we have to keep in mind that when it comes to sex with substance it is getting more and more challenging to find.

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