Top 5 Autumn Fashion Trends You Should Follow

Last Updated 04.09.2018
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It seems like just yesterday we were partying at all the Summer Prides, while today we are waking up to the wind and rain and leaves falling on our roofs. The weather ain’t got time to wait, and the fall is approaching faster than we’d like it to. But good news is, fall outfits are the best! All the trendy coats, leather jackets and fab, queery trousers, we can’t wait to wear you again! But before you rush into your favourite leather jacket, take a minute to analyze the trends of this fall to make sure you truly are on top of your fashion game!POWER REDWe all know that red is a symbol of fire and passion, but this season, red is becoming the hottest trend of the year and you sure don’t want to stay flameless, so get yourself that red Valentino suit you’ve been dreaming off since Troye’s appearance at the Met Gala 2018.

Vintage-Inspired FursLast season it was all about the statement fur, but now we are going back to basics and diving into the world of vintage fur. So let’s go dip our grandparents’ closet and expose your inner wildness, shall we?
Retro HatsTired of beanies? Fashion heavyweights are finally throwing it back to brimmed caps and bucket hats featuring vintage textiles like shearling and fur. Sounds like a perfect match to the grandma’s fur you are about to dig out of her basement!
Victorian CollarsYou wanna slay it all the way? Then this fall you’ll need a neck deep in Victorian-inspired collars. Trust us, it will make you feel royal and expose your inner power. We can’t promise that it will help you conquer new continents, but it will for sure help you conquer your crush ;)
Leisure SuitsOnce you get tired from looking over the top in your fur, victorian collar shirt and retro hat, take a break and enjoy the comfort of a leisure suit, which are the top fashion choice of this fall. Wear them with stilettos the way Rihanna styled her show for Fenty Puma and you will be shine brighter than Rihanna’s diamonds.
Remember that grandama’s fur we told you to dig out of the closet? Well, you’re not borrowing from the grandmas only this season, but from the men as well. Grandpas, to be exact. Oversized menswear blazers are currently developing their peak of popularity, so get one before it becomes too mainstream!

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